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Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato DOCG
It is a rare, typically Piedmontese wine, which offers very limited production within the seven municipalities of the province of Asti (Castagnole Monferrato, Grana, Montemagno, Portacomaro, Scurzolengo, Refrancore and Viarigi). Its origin is still shrouded in mystery., many are the assumptions that are made on its history. The most common one is that this name comes from "rocks", on which once it had been cultivated to better deal with drought. In fact, this wine requires sunny hillsides, steep slopes, clay soils. Another suggestive historical interpretation is that the name originates from a Benedictine monastery called "Convento delle Rocche", located near Castagnole Monferrato. These Benedictine friars, in addition to safeguarding the historical-artistic-cultural heritage of the Roman Empire, handed down the cultivation of this vine. Over the years, however, it was partly overlooked because of its high alcoholic content and it was then rediscovered in the 1990s and finally got the NOMENCLATURE OF CONTROLLED ORIGIN. This noble wine is in fact among the last DOC wines born in Piedmont and, in a short time, it has entered the small ranks of the largest red wines. It is characterized by a medium to early grape ripening, usually from mid-September, depending on the climate. From this grape you get a ruby red wine with enhanced shades of purple; when young, it has remarkable violet glare that turn, in time, to bright orange. The bouquet is fine, persistent; a pleasant aromatic perception emerges from the melting of fairly ripe cherry and apricot. You will notice nice hazel shades, compote, blackberries and raspberries. Its soft, velvety taste, its robust structure and its rich alcoholic content make it ideal for seasoned cheeses, roasts and game.