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The history of the Amelio Livio company starts from Monferrato from a long family tradition.

The Amelio Livio company was born in Monferrato at the beginning of ’900. Great-grandfather Giuseppe, tired of being a sharecropper, had the farmhouse where the company is still located. to build the foundations of what in the future will become vineyards with grape quality such as Ruch è, Barbera d'Asti and
Grignolino.Grandfather Carlo, on his return from the war, continued his father's business by transmitting the passion for this work to his son Livio, and together they began to move from the sale of wine in barrels

to the sale of bottled wines. Since 2017 Arianna and Daniela, Livio's daughters, lead the company and thus confirm the family tradition. Thanks also to his support and that of his wife Marisa, who still give a hand today and follow all the processing phases.

territory Monferrato

Monferrato, a territory of wines and UNESCO heritage.

Monferrato is an area of almost exclusively hilly nature and is particularly included in the provinces of Asti and Alessandria. Grana

is one of the 7 municipalities located in the province of Asti where it is possible to grow Ruch è grapes. Our hills in Monferrato are particularly suited to wine, currently the company owns 7 hectares of vineyards, the production ranges from great red wines such as Barbera d ’Asti, Grignolino but the desire for new challenges has led the family to also produce a rosé obtained from Freisa grapes, with its variant Spumante Brut Ros è. The two sisters Arianna and Daniela open up to new 'Horizons ' which lead them to plant a new vineyard in Piedmont Viognier.

From the vinga to the cellar, our company follows the product up to the delivery of the bottle.

Equipped with a welcoming point of sale where the customer can buy the wine that best suits his needs. The Amelio Livio company gives you the guarantee of always having a genuine, high quality wine and a fair price. We personally follow all the phases of our product, from the land to the production passing through the bottling and finally to the delivery.

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Rosé wines

' Orizzonti 'is the newcomer and represents the opening of the company to a new experience.

Discover all the qualities of our red wines starting from the ' Primordio 'the Ruchè which marks the beginning for the Amelio sisters, ' Generations 'the Barbera d'Asti which confirms the family tradition.

The ' Trevipere 'conceived by Livio in its two versions, Rosato and Spumante Brut Rosè.

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